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“We always think – he said – that trees are things we can cut, that we can use to make wood. So I put eyes on this one. They are Indian. They put them on stones, because if God is everywhere, to make him visible to a simple mind, he must have eyes, he must be like a human being. I brought these eyes back from India and I put them on a tree. I put them there for my grandson, so that I could explain to him that this tree is alive. It has eyes just like us. We can’t just cut it down as we please, with impunity, as it has its own reasons for being here and everything has a right to live. And if one day it has to be cut down because it falls on a house, or something else, we will need to at least talk to it, and apologise”. (Tiziano Terzani)
This iconic lamp was created as a tribute to Terzani’s belief. It was designed to be positioned anywhere you want to bring light, wherever you think of it as a vital source of energy and heat. It is striking, yet graceful and certainly a lamp that will get noticed.

Client: Lucepura

Date: 2010