An acrylic crystal sphere becomes a terrarium for indoor or outdoor use.
Capable of accommodating a single precious plant, to protect it or even to merely showcase it in a special container, or as a small home herb garden for everyday cooking.
Designed in three different sizes, it is flexible in meeting the needs of the green sensibilities that are increasingly widespread today.
The Globe 40 is a space for growing herbs next to the stove or on top of a kitchen cabinet, or a space for succulents or individual flowers on the living room table.
To plant your favourite flowers in your own private suspended garden, freely create multi-coloured compositions or plant a blue flowering meadow, we have the Globe 70.
The Globe 90, on the other hand, is a veritable at-home vegetable garden for a small range of vegetables that will be well tended to and loved from the start.

Client: MyGlobeGarden

Date: 2014